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TIP: If it is not possible to enter into a written contract, make sure that you have other documents, such as emails, offers or notes of your discussions, to determine what has been agreed. The base date shall fix the date from which the conditions under which the tender was drawn up are deemed to have been known by the holder and are therefore duly reflected in their price. If certain conditions change before the contract is implemented, the contract can be adapted to reflect this. Unit cost contracts offer greater flexibility in the event of a deviation of land quantities and are therefore still used in heavy and motorway contracts. [19] Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) indicates that this type of contract is not widely used for the entire project and that it applies primarily to contracts with subcontractors whose identification of different quantities is significant and that they are usually used for repair and maintenance work. For this reason, “it is not particularly useful for most private construction projects, except as part of a lump sum or cost-plus contract applied to certain components of work objects such as the removal or filling of dirt, equipment, etc.” [14] A Cost-Plus contract stipulates that a customer agrees to reimburse a construction company for construction costs such as labour, equipment and other costs, plus an additional payment normally indicated as a percentage of the total contract price. This type of construction contract is an alternative to fixed-price contracts. It allows flexibility and transparency for the owner and reduces the risk for a contractor, because a Cost Plus construction contract guarantees them a profit. In a service contract, you must define a payment plan.

Here are the decisions you need to make: the contractual conditions are fundamental to the agreement. If the conditions of the contract are not met, it is possible to terminate the contract and claim damages. Other types of contracts and descriptions of the subject matter of the contract are as follows: Here are some of the guarantees that a seller can give in relation to an article: a law protecting small businesses against unfair contract terms contained in standard contracts applies to contracts concluded on the 12th It is advisable (if possible) to ensure that your commercial agreements are written in order to avoid any problems when proving a contract. In the fixed-price contract, all the work is carried out by the contractor according to the plan and the specifications for a certain fixed amount, in accordance with the agreement. The owner provides the necessary information and the contractor calculates a certain amount. This contract is appropriate if the number of items is limited or if it is possible to elaborate precise quantities of the work to be carried out. . . .

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