Codeshare Agreement

Conclusion: Collecting miles on codeshare flights remains possible. However, you are only allowed to collect miles on certain codeshare flights using the same airline code as the airline for which you want to collect miles. In the example below, the codeshare agreement between British Airways and American Airlines between London-Heathrow and Johannesburg is the exporting airline. You are the airline that actually flies the planes, provides cabin crew and transports passengers to South Africa. American Airlines is the sales company that sells tickets to American Airlines customers to go to South Africa. While there are a number of ways to use codeshares that don`t behave like normal airline tickets, we`ve rounded up the most important ones that are for point travelers and frequent flyers. Such agreements will prove essential in the coming months if the recovery from the current crisis continues. Airlines are reducing the size of their fleet and reducing routes, so a codeshare agreement will help maintain some sort of global connectivity. Bottom Line: It can be confusing to see the difference between a codeshare flight and a normal flight. The best way to find out if you`re on a codeshare flight is a flight tracking site like Flightstats.

Alternatively, a good, but not foolproof, proxy to determine whether a flight is indeed codeshare or not, is to compare the format of the flight number with that on similar routes. Perhaps it is easier to explain it in the form of an example. Air Canada is part of Star Alliance and Cathay Pacific is part of oneworld. However, you have made the joint decision to share codes at both ends of their flights between Canada and Hong Kong: now that we have discussed in great detail what codeshare and online flights are and how to determine whether you are on a codeshare flight or not, Let`s go back to the central question: why is this important? Most major airlines today have codeshare partnerships with other airlines, and codeshare is a key feature of large airline alliances. Typically, codeshare agreements are also part of commercial agreements between airlines in the same airline alliances. The exact operation of this revenue participation agreement depends on the specific agreement, but the idea is that two airlines essentially act as one in a joint venture. Bottom Line: Ideally, before you book, you should know if your flight is a codeshare flight. If not, you should have done at least some research on your flight in order to find out which aircraft it is and what type of product it contains exactly. If you don`t, you could be very disappointed. Let`s briefly come to these four types of agreements: at the end of the day, airlines have codeshare agreements for 3 reasons: in a codeshare agreement, two or more airlines share a flight. In essence, codeshare agreements serve as insurance for travelers who, in the event of an operational hiccup, are transferred to another flight. In most cases, you can`t upgrade codeshare flights with miles in the marketing company.

For example, if you booked a China Eastern ticket marketed by Japan Airlines, you cannot redeem Japan Airlines miles for an upgrade to China Eastern. If you want a chance of upgrading, you need to use the mileage of the executive body. While it`s easy to understand that Allianz airlines retort elite benefits through Star Alliance, Oneworld or SkyTeam Elite status, the same is not true for other airlines. Unless you`re on a codeshare flight. 1.qr has reached an agreement with VN -AIRLINES with agreement with: QR VN T P E There is a lot to like about codeshare and interline flights. I hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of codeshare/line spacing agreements in order to make aviation even more interconnected.

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