Agreement On Security Deposit

Our agent advises him to say that, given the recent events that make the place uninhabitable, and if he refuses to repair the air conditioning and floors within a reasonable time, we simply tell him that we are re-seizing the lease and that we will undress it by the end of the month. Air conditioning has completely taken a back seat, but it`s obviously still a factor in the habitable of the place at the moment. After seeing the video and photos of the ground, he asked us to “live with it for now.” Hello, 3 of my friends and I signed a lease with an agent today because the owner is not in the country. We agreed that we would move on April 1st. We don`t live together and we always have to look for our replacement in our current places, so we need time. We also transferred the account to the owner`s bank account and paid taxes. However, the real estate agent has just informed us that the owner`s son has accepted an offer from another person who is moving in on March 1st. Our problem is that we can`t do it and she`s trying to convince us to move in on March 1. We paid everything and paid the deposit to secure/book the unit. But the broker says that the lease we signed is not yet binding, since the owner has not signed it. It`s true? What can we do to solve this problem? Thank you in advance. My tenant`s lease expires soon, but a short-term extension (6 months) has been requested. She asks for the return of half of her deposit (i.e.

half a month of the monthly rental fee). The use of the deposit. [PARTY A] may use the bond to settle [PART B`s] default or breach of this Agreement or to cover operating or maintenance costs that [PART B] would otherwise have to pay. 2. Interest on bail. “Tenants should be aware that commercial landlords, unless otherwise provided in their rental agreement, generally do not pay interest on surety to tenants after a lease is terminated, and there is no such requirement under Pennsylvania law.” Pennsylvania Commercial Leases 101. I would like to ask you if the landlord has the right or can he request the rental of the remaining rental period in a room contract? Due to certain circumstances, and I have to terminate my lease prematurely. I agreed to find a replacement for my landlord, but he told me that although a new tenant is found, my deposit is still in ruins. In addition, my landlord said that I had to compensate him for his loss of income if there was no replacement tenant. It`s true? But in the rental agreement, there is no such clause that mentions “payment instead” in case of early termination.

There is only one clause that says: “Both tenants and landlords can terminate 1 month for the early termination of the lease after a minimum occupancy of 12 months. In this case, the deposit is refunded minus any damage caused by the tenant.¬†What does that mean? But does this clause make sense? I think this should be an early termination clause, but the landlord took a minute of 12 months (which is exactly the duration of the rental). Please call me. Each rental agreement should contain a surety clause.. . . .

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