Spring Time Inspiration

One of the best parts of any event is that you can find inspirations from anything, from a color, a movie, a photograph, the seasons, anything that peaks your interest! With the weather we are experiencing, many of us are ready for Spring and some of us just might be dreaming up some colorful and fun ideas for a spring inspired event or wedding. Our inspirations are how we design the little details for our events.

Visit Bridal Guides Blog Here. To find some amazing Spring time inspiration along side our very own dessert table design!


Delightful Details Happy dreaming!


Winter Terrariums – Reuse your wedding

This holiday season, take an item from your wedding, be it a mason jar, vase, apothecary jar, or what not and turn it into a cute winter terrarium to decorate your newlywed home for the season.

photo 1 copy

We made a few terrariums this season. It’s super easy and takes barely any time to make. All we used was salt, foe snow (vase filler from Target), miniature vintage Christmas trees, and miniature deer ( found on Ebay).

We filled our jar to the height we wanted with salt, sprinkled the vase filler snow, and added the trees and deer to make a cute winter scene! It was super easy, fun, and everyone who has seen the terrarium loves it!

Wedding Wish Jar

Winter Scene


deer and trees


We also made a smaller terrarium from a favor from a past wedding.


photo 2

Have Fun!

Thanksgiving – Reuse Your Wedding

The decor from your wedding is an item that is sometimes forgotten. It does its job beautifully at the wedding ceremony and reception, but what to do with it after the wedding celebrations have ended? Do we throw or give  it away? Sell it? There are just some items we don’t want to get rid of, our don’t have the time to find a new home for, so why not reuse some of you wedding decor to help decorate your newlywed home with?!

We are going to show you how to reuse some of your items so you can continue to love and enjoy these items you spent time on even after the wedding day has ended.


We made aThanksgiving centerpiece reused from one of our weddings. We took the berry basket table numbers from this cute wedding. changed the flag to spout some Thanksgiving cheer in gold glitter lettering, and filled the basket with fall harvest goodies, like strawberry corn and mini pumpkins!

berry basket table number


We also, used this gorgeous gold table runner we made for our Woodland Escape styled shoot. This table runner we covered with doilies and spray painted gold to create a doily pattern.

runner_collageT-Day 16 T-Day 12 T-Day 4

After reusing and revamping these two reused items, plus added place cards, wheat & pumpkins, and family vintage china, we now have a beautiful festive table for Thanksgiving!

T-Day 22 T-Day 5 T-Day 14 T-Day 1 T-Day 23 T-Day 16



Untraditional Menorah

With Hanukkah just around the corner, starting on November 27th, we thought we would share an easy alternative to the traditional Menorah. Some of us may be away to college or starting their own home and may not have everything they used to for the holidays. This spin on the menorah is something anyone could put together to decorate their home, or a holiday party.

Hanukkah 4

We recently put together a small inspiration shoot for a Hanukkah cocktail party for Everyday Party Magazine! We’re super excited to be able to work with Everyday Party Magazine to feature crafts that anyone can put together for a amazing Hanukkah party.

Everyday 1 Everyday 2 Everyday 3

For those of you who would like to put together a similar Menorah for their upcoming holiday celebrations or Hanukkah decorations, here’s some simple how to instructions:

Items needed:

– Modge Podge

– Foam paint brush

– Glitter

– Wine or beer box

– Newspaper

– Various 9 bottles

-9 candles

– Pie tin or box ( for extra glitter)



1. Collect  various bottles, clean, and take of labels. (We soaked some to take off labels and had to use Goo Gone on a few labels as well)

2. Take clean bottles and modge podge the bottom half of the bottle, or however much of the bottle you’d like covered in glitter. We wanted a paint dipped look so we put the modgepodge on uneven.

3. Once you’re happy with where the modgepodge is, sprinkle your choosen glitter all over the bottle. Hold the bottle over a box or pie tin to catch any stray glitter.

4. Shake bottle over pie tin or box for any loose glitter.

5. Place bottle upside down in beer or wine box to dry. ( Can try setting up right but it might stick to the newspaper or surface it dries on)

6. Repeat with the other bottles.

7. Once dry place on table, mantle, window, etc. with candles in each bottle. (we had whittle down some the candles to fit in the bottles)


Hanukkah 1 Hanukkah 2

Hanukkah 3 Hanukkah 5



What’s on our coffee table?…..Smitten with Smitten Magazine!


Every now and then we have a chance to have a quiet morning or afternoon when we get to sit down and enjoy a favorite magazine or book.  Currently we are obsessed with Smitten Magazine. Smitten is a digital magazine that can be purchased online or through iTunes (also available on Mag cloud in print).

Smitten-Woodland Escape

We’re Smitten with Smitten for a couple of reasons, we love their style, Bridal Guide, Signature Drink feature, and their spotlight on current trends. We truly love the magazine, and their website, and recently we have fallen a little bit in love with Smitten now that our styled shoot, Woodland Escape, has been featured in the Fall Winter Issue!

Smitten 1 Smitten 2 Smitten 3

Take a moment to check out Smitten, Magazine and Website! We’re positive that you’ll become Smitten with Smitten too!



Brooklyn Bride

We love our bride and groom’s… and we love it when we have the most amazing perfect smooth wedding! This summer we helped the cutest and sweetest couple get married at Marvimon House. And not only did they have a great wedding day, but their photographer, Jennifer Emerling from Yeah weddings loved it so much she shared it with Brooklyn Bride!

Take a look at this amazingly fun wedding featured on Brooklyn Bride! Enjoy!




Slice of Life

Our team members are huge Dexter fans, and because we are fast-ly approaching the final Dexter episode we decided to throw a Dexter themed backyard party this summer. What’s more perfect on a hot summer night, than, good friends, Dexter fans, and a Dexter Miami themed party?!

It didn’t take long to prep for the party and we honestly didn’t craft for the party till two days before! So anyone who is planning a series finale party still has time to try some of our party details!

Dark Passenger Mojito

photo 1

We named the party “Slice of life” after Dexter’s boat and to set the mood for a Miami vibe. The party happened on the perfect warm summer night, and was complimented with a Mojito Bar, Cuban food, and a BBQ pot luck! We added little Dexter touches, like a crimescenen photo and number bar sign for the mojito instructions, A “Dark Passenger”  signature Mojito (above), as well as a kill room for the food area. We played Dexter sound track and Cuban music for the perfect ambiance.

Mojito instructions

IMG_7970 Take the edge off Mojito Bar Set up

The mojito bar glasses we’re also party favors.

photo 2

Favor glasses

Mojito Bar Flamingo Garnish Picks Mojito Mushables

Our night ended with a backyard viewing of Dexter’s pilot acompanied with Churros and cherry sauce, a perfect Cuban dessert, with a nice deed blood red garnish.

Flamingos & Backyard viewing photo 4

For those of you who are planning on throwing a Dexter Finale party in the weeks to come, here are our bloodslide stir stick tags and our TheDarkPassenger Mojito sign.




The Road to Wedded Bliss Info-graphic

I absolutely love info-graphics!  Their easy to read information and fun graphics just makes learning statistics and facts fun! I recently came across this info-graphic, “The Road to Wedded Bliss” by Wedding Paper Divas, (check out their wedding stationary website! It might be a fit for you!)  This literally follows the road of a relationship from saying “I love you” and meeting your significant others parents, to the honeymoon! Enjoy this little something of interesting and fun facts!



Twigs Print Studio

Every once in a while we get the chance to work with an amazing vendor. Recently, we were able to work with a bunch of outstanding vendors on our “Elegant Picnic” styled shoot! One of these vendors is Twigs Print Studio. We found Twigs Print Studio on Etsy looking for the perfect stationary for our styled shoot. We absolutely loved working with Twigs Print Studio and fell in love with our Save the Date stationary and Croquet instruction sheets for the shoot!

Twigs Print Studio

Twigs Print Studio opened in December of 2011. They are located in South Dakota, but are easy to communicate with and get your stationary in a timely manner.  Katie Woodard started Twigs Print Studio with the desire to provide professional design that is affordable. She says, “stationery can be a large part of someone’s budget and I want them to be happy with their purchase.”

We had the chance to interview Katie, it’s amazing to hear other vendors start up stories, and to learn what is behind their amazing work! Here’s what we found out about Katie and Twigs Print Studio!

What inspired you to start Twigs Print Studio?
Throughout my interior design degree I had always enjoyed the various ways you could present and enhance a concept visually through graphic presentations. I took on the task of designing my own wedding stationery and after that a friend asked if I could do hers as well. My husband was in the Army and when we were moved due to the military, I realized this is something I could do wherever we were stationed and it has just grown from there.
What’s your favorite part about designing stationary? 
Through my shop I have a collection of invitation designs, but it is so fun when a client comes to me for a custom design, I love bringing their vision to life and designing stationery that is perfect for their special day. With an interior design background, I love to get any details that can inspire the stationery, from patterns to place settings. I also love providing additional coordinating items that really bring an event together. 

Any plans on expanding the shop, or any deals coming up? At the moment I do the majority of orders through Etsy, but I hope to start a personal website and expand locally as well. I am also sooooo excited to announce that we are now providing letterpress options as well!! Deals are occasionally posted on our Facebook, so keep an eye out!


[Simply.Happy] Photography | www.SimplyHappyPhotography.com

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.33.03 PM

Keep an eye on this shop because if they keep up being amazing we can see them expanding into something wonderful!



For the first time this spring I attended the Patchwork Show, it is a festival of sorts full of vendors and crafters of some amazing modern and handmade items! There were too many favorite booths, it was almost overwhelming!

We started our journey with grabbing some delicious popsicles from Front Porch Pops. This was the best idea for a warm spring day and weaving in and out of rows of booths. And these popsicles would be a great treat for any event! photo

I enjoyed seeing all of the great ideas and unique products. What I also loved was the booths that I found that would be useful for a wedding or an event. It just is to show you that amazing things for events can be found anywhere!